Create, manage & grow your online store

Ready to launch your e-commerce store? No time to waste! We make it fast and easy, with everything you need to get started.

Simple, yet powerful features

User Journey - Techly X Webflow Template

Unlimited products

Upload unlimited products with AI assistance for auto-completion

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Unlimited orders

Receive unlimited orders and get notified when a customer places an order

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Online payment & COD

Support all payment methods, including Cash on Delivery, to grow your business

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Free Custom domain

Build your brand with a free custom domain name for your store website

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Manage orders & print KOT

Easily manage and print orders, including KOTs for restaurants, with one tap.

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Billing & GST invoice

Easily generate & print GST invoices for billing with just one tap.

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Built-in Logistic support

Easily book shipments with a one tap, selecting the fastest delivery partner with the cheapest cost automatically.

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Fast & SEO friendly

Your e-commerce store is optimized for fast loading with our global CDN and SEO friendly to rank on google

Growth-focused business toolkit

Boost productivity and grow your small business with our powerful all-in-one toolkit.

Customer list

Gain complete control over your customer data and manage, call, or retarget as desired

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Complete CRM

Quickly and easily manage and retarget valuable customers with one tap

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Call & message

Effortlessly connect with your customers anytime with a single tap

Cart abandonment recovery

Maximize sales with our cart abandonment recovery tool, easily recovering a high number of abandoned carts

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Remind your customer

Prevent lost sales with our automatic cart reminder messages, reminding users of abandoned items in their cart

User Tracking - Techly X Webflow Template

Convert cart to purchase

Boost sales with friendly reminder messages, persuading customers to complete their checkout process

Access from Web & Mobile

Manage your store from any device, anywhere on our web console
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